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Academic Coaching for Spring Midterms

Enjoying the Spring semester so far? We hope you are, despite the growing amount of school work, no doubt. Could you believe we’re almost halfway through? That means midterms is coming up. Are you ready?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, first of all, that’s normal. It’s okay to worry, but what’s more important is that you spring to action so you don’t drop the ball or lose your stride. Academy of Art University is here to give you the resources and support you need.

Academic Coaching

Having time management problems? In need of study tips? The Academy’s Academic Coaching program has got you covered.

Remember, breezing through midterms (and even finals) is more about how you prepare for it than actually taking the tests. So get started with this program by setting up an appointment, score gold in those midterms, and then pat yourself at the back for a quarter well done.

Contact Anne Steckler at or call 415.618.3879 for more information.

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