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Academy Weekly: Cooling Down with Art School Basics

Crazy hot in the Bay Area, right? Stay hydrated! Pretty much like what we’re going to keep doing for our blog—figuratively, of course.

How are you holding up in the scorching heat of the Bay Area? While it’s fun to be out and about in flip-flops and tank tops, don’t forget to put on sunblock. And of course, drink lots of water!

Without further ado, here’s the roundup of our blog posts you might have missed last week. Take a gander; we’ve been giving overviews on courses and applicable careers.  Your choice might be on it, or coming up next.

Meanwhile, we also have some helpful tips for you to not drop the ball and keep improving your artistic skills even during summer break.

Oh, and we’ve got another batch of alumni showing industry success, this time having contributed to (yet another) summer blockbuster, Dark Phoenix.

Up This Week

What’s next on the blog this week? We have something on film school and what you can expect out of it, something for acting school and why you should consider this over mere workshops, an overview of industrial design as a course, and some ideas for possible web design careers.

That’s not all of it, though, so stay with us as we keep you posted on everything art school cool. Stay sunny, not sunburnt!

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