What to Expect from Academy of Art’s Online Open House Events

Part of Academy of Art University’s online readiness is being able to cater to the needs of its future students. That’s why we are proud to welcome you to our ongoing series of Online Open House events.

Our San Francisco campus may be on lockdown right now, but that’s not about to stop us from giving you a tour into what our art school has to offer. Here’s why you should attend the Online Open House and what you can expect out of it:

What is an Online Open House?

Academy of Art University‘s Online Open House is a live web-streamed information session, available from anywhere in the world. Primarily, this event is meant to cater to those who may want to know more about the Academy and what it has to offer to its students, but could not attend the physical open house event in San Francisco.

We understand the necessity of being accessible to anyone who may want to join us, even remotely, especially in today’s ever-mobile world. That’s why we’ve invested time, skills, knowledge, and resources to ensure that we will be able to reach those who would like to take part in the event, no matter where they are.

All you need is internet access and a passion for art and design! During the liveH stream, you’ll get to immerse yourself in our school culture through exclusive video content.

What can I expect from an Online Open House?

If you’ve always been curious and interested in earning an art and design degree in an art school, attending the online open house is a great way to find out about that exactly! Learn about what Academy of Art has to offer and understand how you will fit into our artistic community.

Everything you need to know regarding Get to know the Academy through its 90-year rich history, discover the wide and varied art and design programs we offer, be inspired by alumni and student success stories, get tips o how to apply, and much more! Basically, the Online Open House will give you everything you need to know about Academy of Art University.

Can I ask questions during the live stream?

It is highly recommended that you prepare your set of questions when you attend the online open house, and yes, you can ask them, of course! Our admissions counselors will be on hand during the livestream to read your questions from the Comments section of the broadcast and will answer them after each session presentation. So make sure to pay attention, that way you won’t miss the answer to your query.

How do I register for the Online Open House?

All you have to do is fill out the RSVP form of the specific event you want to attend. You will then get a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to access the livestream shortly after!

Stay tuned here for more info on our online open house events! We’ll be sharing the details with you as they come. Meanwhile, stay online and indoors to keep safe!

Academy of Art University proudly offers its art and design degree programs both on-site and online. Contact our admissions representatives to request information about these, as well as financial aid options, military and veteran services, and more. Apply now if you’re ready to join our art school community.