ASUS ProArt Series Demo

Academy Instructor Brings Star Wars Characters to Life in ASUS ProArt Demo

Anyone working in visual development can tell you how integral the equipment you use are to your final product. In this video, it’s not just anyone telling you that, but School of Visual Development instructor Jeremy Saliba—and he’s working on a project of epic galactic proportions, too.

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, if you’ve ever had to create your art on a digital device like a tablet or computer, you can relate to the frustration of having system lags and latency issues.

Even Jeremy Saliba, who is also a freelance concept artist and illustrator experiences the same problems—regardless if he’s using his Mac in the office or his DELL PC at home.

He’s currently working on this important project at the moment though, so he can’t risk being bogged down by these technical difficulties. What is he working on?

Oh, just a small little gig that is the official LucasFilm Limited Edition Star Wars lithograph series created for ACME/Dark Ink. No biggie.

It then comes at a most opportune time that ASUS offers Jeremy to try out the ProArt PA90 workstation mini PC and the ProArt PA32UC. Needless to say, he found the experience to be an overall smooth-sailing one.

Just check him out bringing scenes from Star Wars to life with the ProArt Series in the demo video below:

Enviable power tools aside, we’d like to congratulate Jeremy for working on this project! Keep up the good work, and we can’t wait to see the final product!

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