Academy Weekly - Leaping Into Spring

Academy Weekly: Leaping Into Spring

It was a lean week for the blog on the second week of the month, and they’re just a sign of more good things to come—especially once the Spring semester opens.

Right out of the game, we started the week with our very first contest for the year, New Year, New You. If you weren’t able to join it, don’t worry, we’ve got more rolled up our sleeves. All you have to do is stay alert and be on the lookout for our announcement here on the blog!

Meanwhile, on the alumni front, we can barely contain our excitement as the nominees for the 92nd Academy Awards include some Academy of Art University graduates. Win or lose, their achievements by are already definitely w worth celebrating!

Now, if you feel like our art school community is something that you would like to be a part of, then keep it posted here for more admissions events, like the Online Open House we had last weekend.

Art & Design Inspirations

As for the other fun pieces we have:

  • It sure is a sweet dream to walk down the red carpet as a nominee for a prestigious award-giving body, isn’t it? Question is: how do you even vie for this nomination? This week, we took a look at the nominations process of the Oscars. You might want to check that out in case you aspire to be in the list one day.
  • Looking back is always a good strategy to clearly see the way moving forward. Last week was all about design trends that made an impact during the Y2K era. You’d be surprised to see how far design has come in a pretty short while.
  • It’s basically the same for the game and new media development. The first decade of the new millennium was chockful of innovate technology that it was almost impossible to keep up. Console wars erupted, fanboyism was at its finest peak, and gamers literally had the world in the palm of their hands.

Up This Week

As we said, spring semester is opening very soon, so to make sure you get started on the right foot, we’ve got details on the upcoming Parent & Family orientation. We’re also gearing up for the Chinese New Year and the annual city parade that we participate—and win—in.

This week, we also take a closer look at the Grammys, game and new media development for 2010-2015, and design trends that are making a comeback. That’s just to name a few too, so you know the drill. Keep it posted here, we’ll get it all sorted for you!

If you’re interested in studying about entertainment arts, design, or game or interaction and ui/ux design, look no further than Academy of Art University. Our art and design programs are as comprehensive as they are varied.

Get in touch with our admissions representative to request information on tuition, financial aid, housing, military and veteran benefits, and more. Or you can go ahead and apply now if you already know what you want.