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Academy Weekly: Hello, Goodbye: From August to September

August’s departure turned out to be a busy week, what with everyone preparing for the opening of the fall semester, which, in case you’re still in denial, happens this week!

Like, in a couple of days. We hope you’re all ready.

But don’t worry, it’s going to be a fun semester. We here at Academy Art University make sure to keep it that way regardless of the season.

Then again, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s first take a look first at the final, bountiful harvest of articles that we got from the month that was, August.

University Events

In anticipation of the opening of the fall semesters, the Academy hosted a series of Orientation events for the benefit of new students and their parents, alike. This was then followed by a presentation on safety, and in participation with SF Women Against Rape.

And then, to officially close the summer break (or kick off the fall sem, depending on which way you look at it) students from the School of Game Development represented the Academy at the recent Sausalito Art Festival. They even brought their famed Norman Rockwell VR Experience along!

Degree Basics

Meanwhile, here are some interesting details about some of the degree programs we offer at the Academy:

Up This Week

So now that we’ve entered the –ber months, what else can you expect from us? Well, let’s take it one day—or rather, week—at a time.

This week, we’re giving you juicy deets on a Luxury City Tour, a couple of exhibits on Sutter, some more important Back to School dates, and of course, the usual slew of cool and interesting info about the degrees we offer.

You know the drill. Sit tight, and keep it locked right here!

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