Art U Men's Relay

Art U: January Roundup

With the start of Spring semester, we’re kicking off a new series that highlights all the major events and developments in the Academy’s athletics department every month. As a NCAA Division II certified school, our Urban Knights athletes put blood, sweat and tears out to achieve great results every day. Join us in celebrating all the achievements broken down by sport categories from ART U this month!

Men’s Track & Field: Winning Sprint

January 26 might be just another day for all of us, but it’s one of the pivotal days for track & field athletes: Pitt State Invitational. As always, the track & field team delivered stellar results including our olympian, Mabolade Ajomale, who topped his DII-leading 60m with a Nationals qualifying 6.67. Other highlights include Victor Moreau becoming third in the country for the mile with 4:07:36; men’s 4x400m relay team crowning first in the nation with 3:12:39 that broke the meet record.

Women’s Tennis: 6th in the Nation

In the latest ranking from the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA), our Women’s Tennis team were placed as 6th in the nation, a first in the history of the program. Thanks to Alma Thell-Lenntorp and Klara Thell-Lenntorp’ doubles championship and Monika Stanikova’s singles championship at the ITA West Region Championships, the tennis team scored high in the national ranking.

Men’s Basketball: Biggest Upset in History

Talk about starting the year with a bang! In the latest match with Chaminade University (Ranked 12), our Men’s Basketball team pulled the biggest upset in program history by leading 15 points in one game and winning the opponent with 71-69. You can relive the moment of our team beating the highest ranked-rival in Art U history in the video below.

Above are the Urban Knights’ highlights for the month of January, but our athletes are hustling and breaking their personal records every single day. Keep an eye out and cheer for our Tennis, Softball and Baseball teams in the new athletic season this spring!

If you can’t make it out to our games, you can check out live videos, stats, recaps and more in our Athletics Calendar. The best way for you to stay updated is to have the official ART U app on your mobile. That’s right. Get it now on either Android or iOS , and be just one click away from getting your Academy of Art school spirit on full active mode.

Go Urban Knights!