Art U March Roundup

Due to COVID-19, all athletic events have been cancelled indefinitely from March 16. However, it didn’t stop our athletics from scoring accolades prior to the shutdown.  Now is a confusing…

Urban Knight Front and Center: Sofia Ragona Reveals Why She Picked Art U

Urban Knight Sofia Ragona goes after her goals equally hard on the tennis court and in her fashion marketing class. But before all that, how did she find her way to Academy of Art University?

Art U February Roundup

Thanks to leap year, our Urban Knights got an additional day in February to flaunt their athleticism! 

Urban Knight Front and Center: Ryan Gamboa Quick Talk on COMM Trends

For this pilot episode of our brand new Urban Knight Front and Center series, we sit down to get to know student-athlete Ryan Gamboa a little bit more.

Art U January Roundup

2020 is so far 20/20! Our women’s and men’s basketball team, track and field, and softball teams all achieved amazing results in the city’s winter months.

RSVP Rundown: Kick Off the Spring Sem with High-Intensity Art U Knights Events

ART U Men's and Women's basketball events, Campus Safety Night, and a chance to win a whopping 50 GRAND for a half-court shot?! Now that's how you open a season!

Art U November Roundup

As we near the end of the fall semester, our Urban Knights continue to triumph through consecutive victories, awards, and stellar athletic highlights. 

Art U: October Roundup

The fall leaves and breezy air both signal a shift in the seasons - Autumn is here! Despite the changing weather, our athletics teams delivered strong performances with their career bests and…

ART U: September Roundup

We bring in the new semester with big wins from our lady Urban Knights. From women’s tennis, soccer, volleyball, golf to cross country, they’ve achieved much success in the first month back to the…

ART U: Summer Roundup – July

Just when you thought our athletes have achieved enough, around 100 Urban Knights were awarded with honors and academic awards in July. Talk about dedication to sports AND academics!