Back to School Fall Series: Food, Food, and More Food

Take your pick! Enjoy healthy and satisfying meals offered through various meal plans and Knight Kash at our dining rooms and cafes on campus.

Welcome to Academy of Art University where you will gain the skills necessary to build an art & design career of your dreams. But first, let’s talk food.

Without proper nutritional meals, you’ll feel sluggish and unmotivated to work hard for your goals. Trust us, we’ve been there done that. So, here are a few options to help you stay healthy and happy this school year! (Well, as healthy as you can be as a university student.)

Dining on Campus

Did you know that we have cafes on campus? Along with our usual dining hall options, all of our cafes provide delicious and healthy meals for our students and staff. From Bagel Bar Brunches to Taco Tuesdays, there are plenty of opportunities to keep your tummies satisfied and happy.

Dietary Needs

We get it. It can be so hard to find the right meal when you have food allergies. Luckily, our campus dining services are able to accommodate with your specific dietary needs. Simply contact Patrick Freese, Executive Chef at or call 415.513.0614 Ext.702 for more details.

Resident Meal Plans

For students on campus, we offer three different types of resident meal plans suitable for various needs. You can choose the perfect meal plan that works for your diet and food routine.

Platinum 19 and $100 Knight Kash: $2,885

Perfect for students who enjoy eating at dining rooms with no fuss. With this meal plan, you’ll be able to have 19 meals in any of our dining rooms every week. You’ll also get $100 worth of Knight Kash that you can spend at cafes and kiosks weekly.

Gold 14 and $250 Knight Kash: $2,885

Looking for a good in between choice? This meal plan offers up to 14 available meals and $250 worth of Knight Kash every week. It is the perfect balance of dining hall and café/kiosk food.

Silver 10 and $350 Knight Kash: $2,885

If you’re not interested in eating at dining rooms every day, this meal plan is perfect for you. You’ll get up to 10 dining room meals and $350 Knight Kash to spend at cafés/kiosks every week.

Knight Kash

So, what is Knight Kash? Well, here’s a quick and concise definition: it is a value meal program attached to your student ID card that can be used like cash. You can use the “kash” at our resident and retail cafes, kiosks, and participating Knight Kash stores.

Cafes on campus

In case you need help locating all of the cafes on campus, here’s a nifty list of them for easy access. Load up your Knight Kash or use cash to purchase meals at each location!

620 Café – 620 Sutter
Weekdays: Breakfast: 7-9AM || Lunch: 11AM-3PM || Limited Menu: 3-4PM || Dinner: 5-8PM
Weekends: Brunch: 11:30AM-1:30PM || Dinner: 5-8PM

Café 180 – 180 New Montgomery
Weekdays: 9AM-4:30PM
Weekends: CLOSED

I-House Café – 860 Sutter
Weekdays: Breakfast: 7-9AM || Lunch 11AM-1:30PM || Limited Menu: 3-4:30PM || Dinner: 5-8PM
Weekends: Brunch: 11AM-2:30PM || Dinner: 5-8PM

Café Dior – 625 Polk
Weekdays: Grill Menu – 11AM-2PM
Café – Mon-Thurs: 7:30AM-9:30PM || Friday: 7:30AM-8PM
Weekends: CLOSED

Art Café – 655 1/2 Sutter St
Daily: 11AM-12AM

Cafe Rodin – 1055 Pine
Weekdays: Breakfast: 7-9AM || Lunch: 11AM-1:30PM || Dinner: 5-8PM
Weekends: Brunch: 11:30AM-1:30PM || Dinner: 5-8PM

That sums up all of what we have for dining information on campus! If you’d like to purchase or change your current meal plan, feel free to contact the housing department office at 415.618.6335.

Got more questions about our school? Request information to learn more about what we offer here! If you’re ready to join, apply now to get started!