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Academy Weekly: Setting Back to School Priorities

Virtual campus tours, graduates working on award-winning TV and film projects, great cafeteria food—yep, we’ve got it all here at Academy of Art University.

There are definitely so many reasons to be a proud member of our art school, and this back to school season, we’re only too happy to keep reminding you of some of these reasons.

If you’ve so far been only dreaming of attending our university, perhaps consider taking concrete steps as early as now to get your foot in the door. Last week, we held an online open house for those who couldn’t physically be here in San Francisco. Don’t worry if you missed that one; we’ll be having more in the future, so watch out for our RSVP posts.

Meanwhile, Academy alums are making us so mighty proud with their chosen career. We have an exclusive interview with our film school graduate in the main competition of the world’s biggest fantasy and horror film festival. Also, we sent out congratulations to our alums who worked on Emmy-nominated shows.

Back to School Things

For our Back to School Fall semester series, we started out with what matters a lot—if not most: FOOD. Of course we want you to be well-fed, nourished, and happy, so you can focus on your academics. Ideally, you won’t be coming to school feeling hangry, not when we have our Knight Kash program.

  And then of course, we have some helpful information regarding the different industries that our degrees do cover:

Up This Week

You can expect more Back to School series posts this week because, yes, it is that time of the school year again. A course spotlight, an acknowledgment of historical figures in fine art, more career options, and more are also coming your way.

Keep coming back for more!

Academy of Art University is now accepting applications for the spring semester. Request information from our admissions representatives if you need more details to make a well-informed decision.