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WINNER UPDATE: CONTEST! ART U Trivia Instagram Story Contest


Congratulations to Jason Reaves for winning the ART U Trivia Instagram Story Contest! We are amazed by how much you know about the university and can’t wait to start the semester soon.

WHAT: ART U Trivia Instagram Story Contest
START: August 5 at 10 AM PDT

Think you know everything about Academy of Art University?

Test your knowledge by entering our Art U Trivia Instagram Story Contest on August 5th, 2019! Thanks to our School of Fashion’s shop657 store and Athletics team, contestants who answer all five questions correctly will have the chance to win a swag bag.

Before we jump into the rules and regulations, here’s a quick refresher about Art U just in case you forgot about us in the summer (we understand, it happens).

Founded by Richard S. Stephens, Academy of Art University was first established as an advertising art school before it expanded to the 22 departments today. For the past 90 years, the school proved its presence in multiple industries by equipping students with every skill and experience they need.

Oscars, Emmy’s, and shows at New York Fashion Week are just a few of the accolades that our amazing students and alumni have earned over the years. Taught by working industry experts, students learn from the best to achieve only the best in their own careers.

Alright, enough talking about ourselves. It’s time to dive into how to enter the first contest coming up next week!


1. Follow us on Instagram at academy_of_art.

2. Answer all five questions on our ART U Trivia Instagram Story live on August 5th at 10 AM PDT.

3. Make sure to submit your answers by August 6th at 10 AM PDT.

4. Art U will select winners from those who answered ALL FIVE questions correctly. Winners announced on August 9th through Instagram Story.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get ready for giveaways coming up!

For the full details on the Contest Rules and Regulations, download the PDF below. 

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