Academy Weekly: In the Midst of What Feels Like a Mid-Spring Dream – Pandemic Ongoing

Just like that, we’re halfway through Spring—and the sheltering-in quarantine. As promised, we at Academy of Art have kept on going, because although the pandemic may have slowed life down, there’s no stopping people from dreaming dreams, and achieving them.

Here are some of the more inspirational updates from Academy of Art as we bid adieu to April. It was as slow as any month could get, but at the same time, it went by so fast.

Academy of Art’s Different Modes of Learning – Academy of Art offers classes two-ways: onsite and online. But did you know that even online has a couple of variations in its methods, too? If you didn’t, then come on in and meet synchronous and asynchronous learning.

How Online Education Prepare for Real-World Experience – You already know all about the convenience and efficiency that online education provides those who opt for this mode of learning. But how exactly can these learnings translate to a successful real-world experience?

Art U Highlights Director Brad Jones – In this special Art U feature, we get an exclusive, closer look at Athletics Department director, Brad Jones.

Academy Celebrates

Things may be far from ideal in the world today, but we still find reasons to smile and celebrate. Join us as we look forward to many more to come. But in the meantime, here are the ones we shone light on last week.

Spring Show 2020 – Did you think we were going to fold and cancel the Spring Show this year because of the pandemic? You thought wrong. Watch this space as we slowly unveil the new virtual format of the much awaited Academy of Art talents showcase, Spring Show 2020.

Female Leaders in Art & Design: Catherine Tate – We’re almost there at the end of the line of our Female Leaders in Art & Design Series. Let’s all welcome Catherine Tate into the roster this week.

NXT UP 2020 – The School of Motion Pictures & Television shows how it’s done, pushing on ahead with their annual student film festival, NXT UP 2020. Did you get your vote in, and more importantly, did your vote win?

Asian/Pacific American History Month –  Academy of Art is proud of our community’s diversity. We welcome this month with a simple greeting for our Asian/Pacific-American faculty, staff, and students.

Art & Design Fun to Knows

Of course, we’re not going to miss our usual coverage of fun facts, trivia, and relevant information about our art and design favorites. This week, we take a look at what it takes to be an art curator, what musicals you need to check out to help you appreciate theatre better, and what products you can add to your home to make it greener.

Upcoming This Week

And here’s the rundown of our virtual events this week! Make sure to check out the links and RSVP for your slot as needed.

May 5, Tuesday

  • 7-8pm. COM Careers. Three professional guests will drop by and describing the working world and have a Q&A with students.
  • Tuesday Tunes: Organized by Urban Knights Radio (and work study Vanessa Salas). IG live – Recurring Event
  • 7 PM – School of Fashion 3D Draping workshop on Zoom. Open to public

May 7, Thursday

May 8, Friday

  • 11AM. Jewelry & Metal Arts: Basics to Lapidary Workshop on Facebook.

Academy of Art University’s academic year for 2020 moves forward despite today’s unique challenges. Request information from our admissions representatives on our offered art and design degrees, options for online education, and arrangements for on-site classes. We are accepting applications now for summer, with classes completely online, and the fall semester. We’re looking forward to having you in our art school community.