The PCAE Exhibit is Now Open!

Academy of Art University is proud of all the students who completed their PCAE pre-college program with fantastic artworks to show for!

Congratulations to all the participants to this year’s Pre-College Art Experience (PCAE) Spring semester. It was a fun learning experience, wasn’t it? But the truth is it really wouldn’t have been as fun without all of you.

So a huge Thank You goes out to all those who heeded our call for submissions to this exhibit. Academy of Art University’s PCAE program is ongoing all year-round (yes, even with social distancing), so don’t worry if you missed out on this semester. We’re moving online too in the meantime, but rest assured the programs are open to accommodate those who would like to use this time to develop and refine their art. Sign up now for our Summer and Fall semesters!

How to Join PCAE

The PCAE program is offered to all high school students who are curious about and interested in experiencing life in an art college. You’ll have to buy your own supply, but otherwise, the course is TUITION-FREE. You may also earn money credits that you can then apply later on for your tuitioN once you go to Academy of Art for your art and design degree.

Check out the official PCAE page on academyart.edu for more details and student work.

Check Out the PCAE Exhibit

Step into the PCAE Exhibit by clicking through here, and be inspired by what these students accomplished. Maybe next year you’ll find your work on display here too!

Again, congratulations to this year’s Spring semester participants. We hope to see you again soon in our campus, this time as an art and design degree student!

Academy of Art University offers various art and design programs both on-site in our San Francisco campus, as well as online through our well-established online education program. Get in touch with our admissions representatives for more information. Apply now if you’re ready to pursue your creative passions and turn them into a life-long career.