national coming out day

Academy Weekly: Coming Out, Playing Games

Last week, we gave recognition to our student-athletes’ achievements, shared helpful academic tips, and celebrated National Coming Out Day with a drag show. Are you in?

Last week so another flurry of activities from Academy of Art University. To name a few, there was the monthly wrap-up on our Art U Urban Knights’ achievements in their respective sports, an update on our very own e-sports team, and an invitation to the upcoming SQ1Con event happening in the city.

Oh, it was also National Coming Out Day last weekend! Did you join in the fun at OUTLOUD! Club’s Drag Show on Saturday?

Know the Program

That’s just some of the fun university stuff. As always, we also dished out some more nuanced articles on the programs we offer here in the Academy so you’ll know what to expect:

While radio is still going strong, the podcasting industry is giving it a good run for its money. Do you feel like this medium could be a good fit for you? Then you’ll need these seven basic tips before you begin your own podcast.

Meanwhile, are you hoping to improve your skills in illustration? You’re going to have to more than just hope and take actual classes. We’ve got a quick rundown of those that you can expect to take when you pursue an illustration degree.

Not to be left behind is art education and some of the more vital classes you should check out if this is the career you’re going for.              

Oh, and make sure to check out our exclusive interview with School of Animation & Visual Effect student, Daniel Barnes. He got a comic book deal for his work, Black Mage, and they’ve even got a book-signing event coming up next month!

Up This Week

 It’s another busy one, you can expect that for sure. We’ve got deets on this weekend’s Open Studio and Online Open House, for one, as well as the upcoming SQ1Con event to be hosted by the School of Game Development.

Also look out for Academy alums who contributed to a couple of big Hollywood movies for the month. And again, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Keep coming back for more, yeah?

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