Happy Valentine's Day

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Did you know that Valentine’s Day actually has some deeply rooted history in the Roman tradition? Yep, contrary to popular belief, it’s not some made-up holiday by modern-day greeting card companies.

Many, many centuries ago—as far back as year 496, to be exact—the Romans would hold a festival called Lupercalia every mid-February to celebrate the official start of spring. Emerging from the cold and somber mood of winter is always a good excuse to bust out a party, of course.

While the date coincides with the celebration of today’s Valentine’s Day, how it got its name has a bit more riveting story to it. According to history, the annual celebration of hearts and red roses and cheese all around is thanks St. Valentine. He was a Roman priest in the third century AD who believed in love so much, he arranged marriages in secret despite Emperor Claudius II’s decree to officially ban it as he thought married men made bad soldiers.

History lessons, aside, we just want to greet you a very sweet Valentine’s Day. May your days be filled with love with the people dear to you the most!

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