Academy of Art’s Best of the Best: The Spring Show Showcase

This year’s Spring Show, hosted online, gives you plenty of inspiration and zero excuses to check out Academy of Art University’s Best of the Best. Here are four students with their art portfolio,…

Four Basics You Need to Know about 3D Animation

Academy of Art's School of Animation & Visual Effects is hosting a FREE workshop on 3D Animation on July 7, 2020, for anyone interested in developing skills for this craft. RSVP today! In the…

The Art Bundle: Sustainable Design Inspirations and Tips for from Around the World to Your Home

By this time, it’s pretty clear that sustainable design is not just some trendy concept, but rather, a realistic ideal that is here to stay—mainly out of necessity.

Tips on Drawing Your Future in Webcomics

Webcomics have grown in popularity in recent years, and they’re expected to continue doing so thanks to the digital entertainment they provide. But how do you get started in it?

Depictions of Global Pandemic Throughout Art History

Art history is full of depictions of pandemics, epidemics, and plagues. We only need to look at some of these samples to be reminded that the one we're living in today is far from over.

Screenwriting in the Spotlight: 8 Films on the Screenwriting Profession

Curious what the screenwriter life looks like? Here are 8 films depicting life in the industry. Online screenwriting school can help you get there.

Setting Up a Jewelry Design Home Studio 101

(by Karen Chesna) Building a jewelry design and/or metalsmithing studio at home doesn't require huge pieces of furniture or equipment, but there are rules to follow.

Creative Mind Podcast Bonus Episode: Anthony Jones Beyond Concept

(by Bobby Brill) This bonus episode of Creative Mind features the exclusive talk from Concept Artist, Anthony Jones.

Six Notable Landscape Architects in History

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Depictions of Queer Art throughout History

Queer art has a long history. Here are some prominent examples of how LGBTQ+ was depicted in art throughout history.