Woman Interviewing Other People

Seven Tips on How to Be a Good Interviewer

If you’re considering a career in communications, knowing how to be a good interviewer can be critical to your success.

Tips for Podcasting

Maximize Your Airtime: Five Essential Tips for Podcasting

How can you make sure your podcast is successful? Learn some essential tips for podcasting before you get started on creating one.

The Shifting Landscape of Multimedia Communications: VR in Social Media and More

VR social media is allowing multimedia communications to reach people in exciting ways. Learn more about how this technology is changing the field.

School of Communications & Media Technologies

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Endless Career Possibilities with a Multimedia Degree

Excellent communication skills are at the heart of every successful career. Learn about the exciting opportunities you can pursue with a communications degree.  

Norma Lopez No Hay Nada Mas

Emmy-Winning Communications Graduate Shares Advice, Inspiration

Can you imagine winning not just one, but two Emmy awards early on in your career? Well, for Communications graduate Norma Lopez (B.A. 2019), she did not just imagine it—she went ahead and did it.……

multimedia communications virtual reality

Intro to Multimedia Communications: Is It Worth Pursuing?

Multimedia communications may sound vague, but in reality, it’s a lot more present and constant in your everyday life than you may realize. It’s definitely worth a closer look and deeper study.……

Toy Story 4 by Pixar

Alumni Behind the Scenes: Toy Story 4

Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the gang aren’t quite done with their adventures yet. Helping them on a road trip of a lifetime are some Academy of Art alumni.

Blue mic

A Guide to Broadcasting Careers in Communications

There’s more to broadcasting careers than TV and radio in the digital age.

Hands-on Drones Class

Technology and Multimedia Communications: The Rise of the Drones

Drone technology is changing the face of communications quickly, and countless industries, including universities are capitalizing on the possibilities.

Awesome Classes You Can Take for Your Communications Major

Now more than ever, communications is one of the most sought after careers in our society. It is no longer confined to written content but expands to include video, photography and other forms of…