Fine Art School Highlights: LGBTQ+ Fine Artists Throughout History

LGBTQ+ artists in the fine arts field have made history with their art. Find out about some of the artists you might learn about in fine art school.

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7 Famous Architects and Their Works Around the World Throughout History

Architecture is shaped by politics, culture and society. A building is an iconic representation of the people that constructed it. 

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Six Hollywood Stars with Career Beginnings in Theatre

Wondering what studying theatre at acting school can lead to? For these Hollywood stars, studying theatre led to huge film and TV careers.

Art School Inspiration: Artworks That Inspired Other Artworks

Works of art aren’t created in a vacuum. In fact, it’s common for artworks to draw inspiration from other works of art, including completely different types from the past or present.

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Practical Values of Art History and Art Education

You’ve probably heard it before: there are no jobs for art majors, or that liberal arts degrees aren’t a worthwhile pursuit. It’s a common belief about art school—and it’s also untrue.