Students Walking on Campus Grounds

Tips for Making the Most of Your Time at College Campus Open Houses

Open houses provide a great opportunity to see and take a tour of the campus for yourself, meet staff and students, and learn more about the school in general. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure that you make the most of these events.

Do Research Beforehand

Before going on an open house tour, do some research on the school you’ll be visiting. This should help you get a general sense of what the school is like, and what you should expect from it. You can also start gathering information, as well as which aspects you would want to know more about.  Schools usually already provide basic information on their website, so use this resource to help you prepare for the tour.

Prepare Questions

The open house tour guide will provide you with details on various aspects of campus life, as well as other practical information. You might find it helpful to write down a list of questions to ask your guide during the tour. If you’ve done your research beforehand, the tour should only reinforce most of the things you’ve already seen. This frees up time for you to address other details you may want to know more about.

Students Walking on Campus Grounds

Jot Down Notes and Take Photos

During your visit to a San Francisco art school like Academy of Art University, take down notes and take photos or videos for documentation. Just make sure that you don’t get too distracted with posting highlights on your social media; pay attention to the tour. These can help you keep track of your experiences and impressions of each place you go to in the campus. It can also help you review the tour in case there are other areas of interest you want to focus on more.

Your tour notes and photos can give you a more objective assessment long after your memories of the day begin to fade. Understandably, things can be hectic and exciting during the tour; it may get tough to digest all the important information being given with everything going on.

Take Your Own Campus Tour

Don’t leave open houses when the official campus tour is over. Instead, set out and explore on your own. Campus tours cover the major areas of the school, such as the classrooms, dorms or residence halls, and dining halls. However, you may want to go off the beaten path and discover something by yourself. Take your time checking out the rest of the facilities outside of the prepared tour. Chat with current students, or observe them in their classes, to find out more about campus life. You might also be able to talk to faculty and staff for more about the school’s programs and policies.

Ultimately, the point of going to open houses is to gather as much information to have an idea on which schools you can apply to. You’ll be spending the next few years in that school pursuing an education that will impact your future, after all. So take the time to plan your campus visit, take good notes, and make a careful, informed decision.