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Academy Weekly: Summer Heats Up with New Semester

It’s the last week of the summer intercession at Academy of Art University, and before long, regular classes kick off once more. Come in knowing what to expect from our available art and design courses.

There are plenty of misconceptions about going to college in an art school, mostly about the expenses and the slim chances for employment after graduation. We take a look at, and address, those (totally legitimate) concerns and more in this list of art school myths debunked.

After that, dive right in and have a clearer perspective on what you can expect from art and design courses usually found in art school, such as the following:

Of course, we’re always so proud of our former students, and we couldn’t be happier seeing them pursue and succeed in their chosen creative careers. Last week’s iteration of the Alumni Behind the Scenes series featured Academy graduates who worked on MIB: International. Have you seen the film yet?

Up This Week

As for topics you can look forward to this week, we continue with basic introductions of top, in demand courses, such as advertising and what you can expect from it, as well as explore art history careers. If it’s your dream to get into film school, consider this your week too, because we’re  doing a deep dive into what film school is all about, and what kind of careers can you expect in a professional set.

And more, of course! It’s the last week of the summer intercession (at least for those enrolled in the summer semester), so gear up and get ready, because things are about to heat up even more on this blog.

Be a part of our art school community. Request for information or apply today. Our admissions representative will be more than happy to assist you.