Art U: October Roundup

The fall leaves and breezy air both signal a shift in the seasons – Autumn is here! Despite the changing weather, our athletics teams delivered strong performances with their career bests and record-breaking wins. 

October was an exciting month for all of our fall sports teams – soccer, golf, cross country, and volleyball. Not only did they defeated countless teams in the area, they also broke program and season history records along the way. Follow along to see what the Academy of Art University student athletes achieved this month!

Women’s Volleyball

Mariana Figueroa Ferriera & Carly Evetts

Kicking off this roundup is the women’s volleyball team who have been dominating their league since the beginning of the season. October was no different for our Urban Knight ladies. Earlier last month, they reached five career-high individual performances including Sadie Emery’s career-best kills and digs at a game with Fresno Pacific. 

After their win with the Sunbirds, they continued to defeat Concordia with season-best kills from five of the Urban Knight ladies. At the time of their victory over Fresno Pacific on October 26, they’ve won five out of six games in the season. They then finished off the month with another win against Holy Games. We can’t wait to see what the team achieves in the next month!

Women’s and Men’s Cross Country

Hasna Kaarour

What a month it’s been for our cross country teams! On October 11, women’s cross country team finished fourth at the SF State Invitational with graduate student Hasna Kaarour, sophomore Audrey Rosencrans, and junior Natalia Novak among the few placed as the top 10. Following their success, Kaarour won first place while others finished with top three rankings at the Pacific West Conference Championships. On the other hand, graduate students James Young and Charlie Messai finished as two of the top 10 at the same conference.

Women’s and Men’s Soccer

Sydney Cooke

Triumphs all around this month! After defeating Azusa Pacific earlier this month, the women’s soccer team became one of the three undefeated teams in the Pacific West region. Thanks to Andrew Dean’s goal, the men’s team also won a game with Saint Katherine at the end of the month.

Women’s Golf

Anahi Servin

At the Sonoma State Fall Invitational, the women’s golf team reached second place; specifically junior Anahi Servin and Iveta Posledni were placed as two of the top five at the event. As if that wasn’t enough, Servin also landed on her eighth PacWest Golfer of the Week on October 25th. 

Men’s Golf

Julius Kreutzer

For the first time in its 11 year history, an ART U Men’s golfer, namely junior Julius Kreutzer, reached the lowest single-round score (66) in a tournament. Because of his stellar performance, Kreutzer not only won the conference but was also named as PacWest Golfer of the Week. Later in the month on October 15, the team continued to drive success with a third place finish at Sierra Central Wildcat Classic – their highest performance of the season.

That concludes all the updates we have for the month! As always, you can follow @artu_knights on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep a close tab on the athletes. If you’d like to cheer on your fellow classmates, check out the events listed on the Athletics Calendar. Not interested in sports? That’s fine, you can find other events you’re interested in by downloading our app, available on iOS and Android.

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