Academy Weekly: Going Back to Basics with Foundations, Expanding Networks

The holidays are upon us, but there will be no rest for the wicked! Not when there’s still so much going on for all to read and enjoy on your art and design degree.

The holidays are upon us, but there will be no rest for the wicked! Not when there’s still so much going on for all to read and enjoy.

Pursuing an art and design degree requires you knowing the basic essentials. That’s exactly what we sought out to remind you in our batch of articles last week. Check them out here in case you missed them:

First, we gave some helpful insights on why interdisciplinary collaborations are important for improving your network as an actor. There are some real-life benefits to be had from these collaborations, so now isn’t the time to be shy about it.

Details for the upcoming SF Auto Show, which our Automobile Museum and School of Industrial Design will be participating in, have also been released. Come drop by and show your support!

We also delved into why you shouldn’t be too quick to pass off Foundations classes when you’re taking up your art and design degree. You may not realize it yet, but these Back to Basics lessons will definitely help you become better at what you do, including a career in Art History.

Also, a hearty congratulations were given to our Alumni Behind the Scenes, particularly those who worked on Frozen 2.

The biggest news of all, however, is that we’re coming out with some really cool holiday giveaways! Stay alert and on the lookout for more details on those, because they’re definitely coming right up!

Up This Week

Speaking of things coming up, it’s Thanksgiving week, and so we’ll be keeping it lean. That said, we have an Online Open House event happening this weekend, so if you have friends looking for ways to make this long weekend productive (ie. by looking at potential schools for next school year), this ought to be a great place to start.

As for that Holiday Giveway, Facebook mechanics will be up first, so keep it locked here for that. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the prizes!

And there you go. Enjoy your turkey dinner, Friendsgiving party, and of course, the long weekend to spend with your family! We’d say enjoy the Black Friday Sale too, but who are we kidding? You’ve already been on it since two weeks ago.

Academy of Art University is now accepting applications for School Year 2020. Contact our admissions representatives to request information on our art and design degrees, available financial aid options, housing facilities, and more.