GoT Fan Art Winner Ryan Riller

Academy Weekly: Gotta Keep Hustlin’ to Get Winning

Perhaps the biggest thing that caught your eye last week was the announcement of the contest winners for the Game of Thrones fan art. If you think that was the only big thing that went down, though, you couldn’t be more wrong.

First of all, we kicked off last week with a very inspiring reminder about why you are really here in art school. You gotta keep your eyes on the prize so that you can get that art degree and be the professional-slash-creative entrepreneur you want to be. We even threw in several words of precious advice from our successful alumni, so consider this one a Must Read.

Tips from the Past Week

As you may very well know, we’ve got plenty of cool, handy tips for both current and aspiring Academy of Art students. This week is no different, and we’ve made sure it’s going to be quite the variety too:

Events & RSVP

We also had a couple of invites sent out for big events going down. Be sure to catch them, and watch out for any updates we may have on them:

On the Department-front, we got some really cool insights from no less than the Director himself of the School of Landscape Architecture on the historic Sea Ranch property development.

Meanwhile, we’re hoping that these simple but practical tips can help budding screenplay writers overcome the highly dreaded Writer’s Block.

And with that, you’re all caught up on everything that went out on the blog for the week of April 8-12. And now, for the ones that you should watch out for this week:

Up This Week

We’re gearing up for the summer (already!?), and with that is our reminders for the upcoming PCAE summer semester. We also have the Atlanta leg of the College Connection coming up, so if you’re from there, or if you have friends from there who may be interested to come join you at the Academy, give them the heads up about it.

For the other fun stuff, we’re coming out with a list of cool architecture buildings in the city (and we do have quite a bit of them, so trimming the list was a real challenge), as well as everyday items that are not only functional, but also whimsical in design. Oh, and we’re taking a closer look at Fashion Merchandising’s collaboration with Cappasity.

How’s that for a full week ahead? And with that, off we go. Have a good week, everyone!

Hero image courtesy of Ryan Riller: winning GoT Fan Art entry