Academy Weekly: Hunker Down, Shelter In! We’ve Got You Covered Online

Itching to get out and grab of that spring sunshine? Please stay in. The sooner we adhere to health safety measures, hopefully the sooner we can actually get out of this situation.

In the meantime, you still got us providing you with fun, informative, and educational updates on all things art and design.

Now, we know it can be really difficult to stay put indoors and maintain social distance, but now is the best time for you to be wearing your creative hats. To help you along, we have here some easy to follow work from home tips. We also have a long list of fun, productive things to do this spring break while cooped up at home—NO TRIPS TO THE BEACH NEEDED.

Art Goes On, No Matter the Season

 Of course, we also continue to pay homage to our female leaders in art and design with this week’s feature on School of Fashion’s Costume Design instructor, Alina Bokovikova. Then follow that up with our piece recognizing some of the award-winning women in the design industry.

The second episode for Academy of Art University’s Creative Mind Podcast is now also live. Check that out and listen to what children’s book illustrator, author, and instructor for the School of Illustration, Julie Downing, has to say about making it in this industry.

For those into acting, why don’t you read up on some of the major theatre awards to get you motivated to further hone your acting chops?

Up This Week

The Shelter-In policy is still in place, so again we recommend that you abide by it to keep you and your loved ones safe. On our part, we’ll continue to bring you updates, such as on our upcoming Online Open House—yes, that’s been a regular thing for us, so we’re just going to keep that going.

We’ll also look into some of the best game or console launches in the past decade, some inspirational coffee table books, and top female playwrights and screenwriters, among others.

So just hang in there. We’ve got you covered.

Academy of Art University has locked down its San Francisco campus in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, but the spring semester is not cancelled. Instead, it’s moved to the online platform, which has been a long established part of the Academy’s curriculum.

Contact our admissions representatives to request information on our online education program. Admissions also remain open for the following semesters, so apply now if you’re keen on not letting this pandemic slow down your learning.