60 Creative and Fun Things To Do At Home

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and stay creative! Here are 60 things you can do indoors right now.

The birds are chirping and the sun is shining, but given the current situation with COVID-19 we are told to stay at home. If you’re feeling stuck at home, you’re not alone. That’s why we prepared a comprehensive list of 60 things you can do indoors when you run out of things to do. In times of boredom crisis, deck out our list and try a few to keep yourself entertained.

Stay Curious, Stay Creative

Creativity never stops, right?! The extended time at home gives us plenty of opportunities to hone in and improve our artistic skills. It’s time to deck out our tools and start creating to keep our creative juices flowing. Check out these ideas to change up your art routine:

  1. Create art! Try out a new tool or go with what’s familiar. 
  2. Try out a new software to create designs or illustrations
  3. Do a DIY project with what you have at home
  4. Revamp/decorate your space at home
  5. Make your own postcards for friends and family
  6. Color in a color book or do a paint-by-numbers project
  7. Create music with your instrument of choice (or sing if you don’t have one)
  8. Make a scrapbook/photobook of memories
  9. Use remaining fabric to create unique pieces of clothing or accessories
  10. Edit and add new filters to old photos
  11. Make your own jewelry with metal pieces at home
  12. Knit or crochet while watching a movie or listening to music
  13. Dig deep in your imagination and write a short story
  14. Browse through museum collections of worldwide famous art virtually on Google Arts & Culture
  15. Use Figma to create new and unique UI/UX designs

Have Fun (alone)

You’re at home and told to be 6 feet away from others. What do you do? Well, thanks to the internet and games, you can keep yourself entertained for quite some time. Here are some things you can do by yourself or with friends virtually:

  1. Play a boardgame with yourself (or with friends virtually)
  2. Watch a movie with friends online
  3. Do a fun puzzle
  4. Rewatch your favorite series or start a new one
  5. Follow a dance tutorial and try out your new moves
  6. Play your favorite (or new) video game 
  7. Try a dance challenge from TikTok
  8. Have a karaoke with friends online
  9. Buy take out or gift cards to support local businesses
  10. Blast your favorite music and bust out your best dance moves
  11. Start a book club with friends and family
  12. Fill out crossword puzzles 
  13. Find a craft challenge on Pinterest and make it pretty
  14. Play video games or watch a livestream alone or with your friends
  15. Browse cute dog or cat videos/photos 

Self-Care, Self-Care, Self-Care

With new regulations and restrictions updating everyday, the world can seem very chaotic right now. It is super important to keep your mind and body calm and at ease despite the crisis. Make sure to listen to what your body and be mindful of what you consume. Try out these tips to care for yourself better:

  1. Reorganize your closet: Keep what *sparks joy* and throw out any unnecessary items 
  2. Deep-clean your living space
  3. Do yoga with friends virtually
  4. Call and send some love to your family and friends 
  5. Keep your body healthy with at-home workouts (Pilates, zumba, sculpt, dance cardio — the limit does not exist!)
  6. Take a nice hot bath or shower
  7. Get enough sleep (No more binge watching Netflix or Youtube until 3 AM!)
  8. Compile a list of what makes you happy
  9. Write to your heart’s content in your journal 
  10. Care for those who are in need through donation or words of compassion
  11. Practice meditation or prayer for peace of mind
  12. Inhale, exhale, and repeat
  13. Clean your fridge and organize your kitchen
  14. Watch Monterey Bay Aquarium’s live cams for extra peace and relaxation
  15. Play with and show some love to your pets 

All About Personal Growth

Education has no limits. If you have the will and passion to learn, you can always find new ways to grow as a person. It’s time to take that online class you always wanted to take and brush up your foreign language skills! Incorporate some of these tips in your life now:

  1. Read a new (or old) book from your shelf
  2. Listen to a new podcast or audiobook
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Make a bucket list of what you’d do after quarantine 
  5. Take an online class you’ve always wanted to learn more about
  6. Fix what needs to fixed at home
  7. Improve your resume or digital portfolio
  8. Practice coding with a new language
  9. Learn more about different ways to manage your finances
  10. Research how to take care of your plants better and not be a serial plant killer
  11. Study and prepare for your courses 
  12. Establish a work/study routine and stick with it
  13. Keep yourself informed with news and regulations but set a limit on how much time you spend online consuming media
  14. Write in your planner and create goals you can do at home
  15. Try cooking or baking a new recipe

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis that affects you, me, and everyone in the world. Learn more about how we are responding to the crisis on our page. If you’re at home and am interested in taking online courses, you can request information to explore more programs. Once you’ve made the decision after much consideration, apply to join Academy of Art University.