PCAE students

Suit Up! It’s the PCAE Prep Day

Actually, yes, the Prep Day for Academy of Art’s pre-college programs (PCAE) is happening this weekend, but no, you don’t have to wear a suit for it. Get comfy, stay for the full program, and enjoy!

The Prep Day is mandatory for all first-time onsite students, so there’s no getting out of this one, really. You wouldn’t want to anyway, because you’re going to pick up a lot of important information about your program.

Here are some of the things that you can look forward to this Saturday:

  • short presentation to be shown at 79 New Montgomery
  • meet your pre-college admissions rep in person for the very first time
  • receive ID cards, course schedule, and campus schedule
  • get class supply list
  • join a short tour of the facilities at 180 New Montgomery

The program starts at 10AM, but do try to be there before then so you can have a breezy, easy-peasy check-in. There’s nothing more important happening for you this weekend than this, so be sure to attend! Your first step to entering art school is just a few days away!