Academy of Art building facade

Welcome (Back) to Art School: An Academy Primer

Congratulations! You’re halfway through your first week in art school–that’s back in art school for you returning students. We’ve got here the basics you need for a smoother campus experience, so pay attention to the deets!

Below is a compilation of important information you should know about attending school in Academy of Art University, especially if you’re staying on campus. Keep these basics handy; it should save you a lot of time aimlessly wandering about, so you can instead focus on what matters most: getting creatively productive.

Location, Location, Location

You may need to run off from one building to another, so here’s a list of Academy buildings in the city for you to get familiar with.

academy of art school building facilities

City Dining in Campus

You’ll very quickly realize that eating out in San Francisco burns holes in your pockets faster than you can pull out your credit card from your wallet. Save yourself the trouble–and that much needed cash you can otherwise use for your art materials–and sign up instead for our Resident Meal Plans.

The Knight Kash program is another viable option for you. This program basically lets you use your student ID card like cash, and can be enjoyed at participating resident and retail cafes, kiosks, and Knight Kash stores.

academy of art cafes

Meet Your Fitness Goals

We’re not going to force you to admit it, but we’re pretty sure “Bringing Sexy Back” is at least in the Top 5 of your New Year’s resolutions. Well, here and now is the perfect opportunity for you. Academy of Art University has a couple of fitness centers that you can use. Shoot hoops, swim laps, lift weights, sweat it out, and destress from any of these facilities.

All you need is your student ID for access.

academy of art fitness centers

Artists’ Showcase

What kind of an art school would we be if we don’t have galleries to show off our students’ and alumni’s works of art in? Fortunately, we won’t have to worry about that because we don’t just have one, not two, not even three, but a whopping four galleries all within the city.

With exhibits regularly being staged in these galleriesa, you’ll never run out art to see and be inspired by.

academy of art galleries

Lost & Found

As much as we’d like to avoid losing our stuff, sometimes it just happens. At least give the Lost & Found a try before you go replacing it.

academy of art lost and found

Campus Security & Directories

We know big city living can be daunting and sometimes scary, especially if it’s your first time living on your own. That’s why Academy of Art University makes sure to put you students at ease by providing resources that can get you the assistance you need, when you need it.

Academic resources and support centers are also available; all you have to do is dial in to have someone assist you. Check out the numbers below and make sure to save them!

BTS-Campus Safety and Directory

Academy of Art University offers over 40 art and design degree programs. Get in touch with our admissions representatives to request information. Apply now if you want to get started on pursuing a creative career.