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Back to School Series: Academic Resources

With only 2.5 days before your first day of spring semester in our art school, get ready to shake the holidays away and start the semester with a bang! We’ve got plenty of academic resources ready, including opportunities for part-time jobs, to help you make this spring semester your best one yet.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Academy Resource Center (ARC)

From educational support services to English for Art (EAP) language and accessibility support, Academy Resource Center (ARC) has everything you need to be a successful art school student. If you have a burning question, chances are ARC will have the answer you need.

ARC Workshops & Tutoring

Worried about your classes? Don’t fret – ARC regularly hosts workshops, labs and individualized tutoring to help students with art and design needs, communication and technical needs for free. That’s right, free. Catch them live during ARC Onsite Workshops which begin Week 4 and run through Week 13. Make sure to sign up at least 48 hours before the workshop to secure your spot!

Academic Coaching

Prepare yourself for greatness with tips from academic coaches. You’ll receive personalized academic success plans, study advice, and health services. If you’re interested for more information or would like to set up an appointment, contact Anne Steckler at or call 415-618-3879. You can also drop by and say hi at 79 New Montgomery, Room 375.

Accessibility Resources

Here in the Academy, we are all about providing equal opportunities for every single one of our students. If you are in need of any accommodations or support services, you can contact or call 415-618-3775. We are here to help you succeed.

Peer Mentorship Program

Starting a new semester can be exciting for some and nerve-wrecking for others. Having a mentor during your academic career can make all the difference! Buddy up with a peer to get help with academic success, student life, time management and other on-campus resources. Contact or call 415-618-8400 to meet your mentor today!


We always strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for all of our students. Our Title IX office takes any reports of sex discrimination, harassment and assault very seriously. We are here to prevent discriminatory actions, support and equip students with important resources needed to thrive.

Now that we’ve gone through all the basics, let’s move on to part-time jobs and career development.

Federal Work Study Program (Part-Time Job)

We know that art school tuition is not cheap. In order to help you pay for college and develop skills, we’ve got a variety of part-time jobs on and off-campus for you. Work on-campus as a barista or help out at local nonprofits off-campus. Go ahead, explore your options and apply.

Industry & Career Development

Looking to take your art school education to the real world? Well, we got your back. Before you venture into applying for jobs and internships, we can help prepare your resumes and cover letters. Contact for assistance. Once you’ve gathered your materials, check out our online job board for internships and jobs.

Also, keep an eye out for any professional career events to strut your work in front of companies like Abercrombie & Fitch or MATTEL, and more. Have someone you’re dying to show your work? Contact to bring your favorite artist/designer/recruiter on campus.

Go Digital and Download the Academy App

Talk about information overload! In case you missed any resources listed above, you can find out more information by downloading the Academy app. This, along with the other academic resources listed above, can make your student life more productive and enjoyable. Good luck, and most importantly have a blast!

Got an iPhone? Download the iOS version here.
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