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Back to School Series: Campus Safety and Directory

Well, we’ve come to the end of your first week— Orientation Week—in art school. You should, more or less, already have moved in (it is the last day today, hello) and readied your things for first day of school on Monday. You have a clearer picture now of the many, different facilities the Academy has on campus, and the many available academic resources at your disposal.

It’s now time for you to get started on your much awaited collegiate adventure. But before you do, here are some very important campus safety reminders you should keep in mind. Because while we want you to have fun, we also want you to stay safe.

Campus Safety


Send this text (yes, in ALL CAPS) to 313131 to subscribe to the Art U Campus Safety Alert Text Messages. It’s free, just like how your safety is priceless.

2. Campus Cruiser or Walking Escort

Mush and cheese aside, you know how you can take the shuttle to take you to the different buildings, right? It’s all in the Academy App, if you still haven’t downloaded it yet (Android, iOS). But sometimes you’ll end up staying late in school, and there won’t be any more going around. Or sometimes, you just don’t feel comfortable walking out by yourself.

Our Campus Safety officers have most certainly thought about that too, hence a ready solution: Campus Cruiser or Walking Escort. Yes, the school can—and will—provide you with someone to walk with to your next building destination. Just call 415-618-3911 to place a request.

3.  Report Suspicious Behavior

To reiterate, this is the Campus Safety number: 415-618-3911. It is absolutely imperative that you save this in your phone, so you can immediately call them if you notice any suspicious behavior.

4. Stay ID’d With Your ID

Wear your ID at all times within school premises and inside the shuttles. Also, keep it secure. If you lose it, and it doesn’t make its way to the campus Lost and Found, you’ll have to shell out $30 to replace it. Yep, that’s 30 bucks that you could have used for more art supplies instead.

5. Keep Your Valuables Secured at all Times

Check if you’ve locked your, well, locker before leaving the school, office, or residential hall rooms. In case you need to briefly step out from your desk in the classroom or lab, it’s highly recommended that you bring your valuables with you.

One last thing before you go and have the time of your life at the Academy: don’t forget to check out the directory below and take note of the important numbers in campus.

Okay, now you can go and have the time of your life at the Academy!


Accessibility Resources – 415.618.3775,

Admissions – 415.274.2333

ARC Tutoring – 415.618.3865

Campus Housing – 415.618.6335

Campus Life – 415.618.8400

Campus Safety – 415.618.3911

Financial Aid Office – 415.618.6190

Career & Entrepreneurial Services – 415.618.8899

International Admissions – 415.274.2208

Library – 415.618.3842

Parent Services – 415.618.6276 (fax)

Student Services – 415.618.6508

Transportation – 415.618.6370