Binary Solo is looking for a 2D Animator!

Hello. We are small indie studio who is creating a new style of video game that we are really excited about. If you would like to join us you should share our passion for creating new things. We are looking to bring on another 2D Animator for our game. We are about 6 months into production so the art direction and style has been set and you would have to match it. The style is pretty simple with bold lines and watercolor-eqsue textures to fill. You should be comfortable in Unity and the animation is utilizing a paperdoll system with minimal sprite swapping.

Example of animation you would undertake is picking up an owl and throwing it like a football, an elephant that looks a bit like dumbo doing a victory dance, or an armadillo mimicking a buzz-saw.

Creativity and humor strongly suggested for this project. Please have previous work available to show.

A portfolio would be great too. 🙂

Cheers and thanks.

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