Academy of Art Resident Assistant

RSVP: Call for Resident Assistants in Campus Housing *UPDATE*

Academic requirements and extra-curricular activities not enough for you? If you’re still looking for something else to do, and you live in campus, why not become a Resident Assistant (RA)? Academy of Art‘s campus housing is in need of new recruits—and they’ve got quite the bounty in store for the lucky, selected few.  

For starters, being an RA gives lets you enjoy a single room and a meal plan. More importantly, though, this experience could give you the perfect opportunity to develop your leadership skills, expand your networking opportunities, and truly immerse yourself in the community.

Beat or Meet

The deadline for submission of applications is right around the corner! March 4, 2019, 12:00PM is the deadline to beat or meet. Never mind if you missed the info sessions last week. The important thing is that you throw your hat in the ring. Hurry, if you really want it!

Going for It

Email for your questions. Send in your Resident Assistant application today!

Article originally posted with Info Sessions schedule on February 20, 2019