LMS - Change is Good

You’ve Been Upgraded: New Online Learning Portal Coming Soon!

Change is good!

Attention Academy of Art University students:

Starting with the Summer 2022 semester, Academy of Art University is moving to a new online portal and learning environment!

In its current form, the LMS (Learning Management System), features a build that propelled the Academy as pioneer in Online Education for Art and Design. It is, to this day, one of the most robust online systems specifically built to deliver Art and Design courses. 

Online is a key part to any student’s education as it develops valuable communication skills, as the industry is global. Even amidst the pandemic, it remains to be a key tool for students to continue their education without losing time. Its intuitive features and reliable functionality allow students and faculty to smoothly shift to a fully online mode of learning without skipping a beat.

But as with all good things, this too must come to an end. 

Change is Good, Change is Needed

Why, you ask?

While the current system is still one of the leading LMS systems for Art and Design courses there have been some great advancements in LMS platforms with underlying technology that provides greater flexibility to support the many technological advances in Art, Design, and Technology programs that we teach. 

VR, augmented reality, and the metaverse is just a sample of the technology that is being taught and used at Academy of Art University. Having the right underlying LMS platform to build features that either integrate into the platform as a learning tool or within a course itself is important. 

So nothing to worry about as we transition!  We are excited about the new online portal as it is going to help us build for the future. That’s what it means to upgrade, after all.

All students–on campus and online, new and returning–will receive training and support on this easy-to-use system prior to Summer semester. Everyone gets a fresh start! 

More detailed information coming before and after Spring Break, so stay tuned for that.

The Academy Difference Online

Remember, our online education program is among the most established and robust in the country. Since 2004, our online learning system has helped students reach their full academic potential in preparation for their future careers. 

President Stephens continues to be at the forefront for pushing the envelope and being a pioneer for Art, Design, and Technology programs along with providing students the ability to access some of the latest industry tools, facilities, and resources  needed to help you turn the things you love to do into a career you’ll love.

Keep your eyes peeled for more detailed information on this impressive upgrade!

Special thanks to the students listed below who participated in the art direction for this video:

Jiheum Choi, Kirsten Cole, Val Fulton, Erica Gao, Brandon Haupt, Cory Ishii, Peiyun Li, Yuzi Li, Wonsik Oh, Donnie Swartz, Xiaoyue Wang, Savannah Williams, Yuezhou Yu

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