Casting Call: Day in a Life Season 2!

That’s right, we’re sending out a call for all you folks who may want to share a slice of your campus life here in Academy of Art University. Inspire your fellow students, perhaps even upgrade your social value, or just get in there for the fun and experience of it all!

Whatever your motivation is, we’re all good with it. As long as you give us a couple of things we need:

  1. Create a short video introduction: name, major, year, and other cool, interesting stuff – 1 minute MAX!
  2. In the video, give us a glimpse or describe to us what a day in your life is like. You can bust out props or go striking minimalist—up to you. We’ll take care of the popcorn.
  3. Fill out Google Form to apply.
  4. Don’t forget to attach video file!

Good luck and give it your best shot!

Meanwhile, let’s take a look back at our pilot episode, starring School of Motion Pictures & Television (then) freshie Sam Bear.

Want to submit your application for Day In The Life but can’t because you’re not an Academy student? Get in touch now with our admissions representatives to request information on how to be one. Better yet, apply now and you just might make it to our casting call for the next one.