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Academy Weekly: Connecting, Competing, Saving Daylight

Last week marked not only the first full week of March, but also the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, and—for those of who you hold water to this belief—the start of this year’s first Mercury Retrograde.

Here in the blog, busyness is our business, so we wouldn’t be all too surprised if you have some catching up to do with all the updates we shared your way. Stick with our Academy Weekly roundup, and you’ll never have to feel FOMO’d ever again.


We started last week off with a call to submissions to the upcoming Rookies Awards. Academy of Art students are regular contenders in this competition, and as a matter of fact, have won awards for the school. The Rookies officially started accepting admission on March 7 and will keep it open till May 31.

From submitting your work to a contest, let’s now go to those who actually went ahead and did it. Two student-athletes from the ART U Men’s Golf team and School of Advertising took the leap and submitted their video ad project to the Student Division of the 2019 ADDY Awards, and earned a nomination for it.


For those of you who may have friends and family eager to join you in your Academy adventure, make sure to catch the info on all our upcoming Open House Events. We’ve already kicked it off with the SF Open Studio a couple of weekends back, and most recently, we launched our College Connection events series, with the first stop being Los Angeles. There’ll be more in the coming weeks, so keep it posted here.

Courses & Careers

For this week’s course spotlight, we focused on the technology of Virtual Reality (VR) and how this program adds another dimension to learning about industrial design. This may be a specialization that you might want to look into further as you go through the program, so do give it serious consideration. It just might shape the future of your career.

Speaking of careers, here’s an inspiring one we caught on video. Takaharu Tezuka of Japanese architecture firm Tezuka architects explains in this lecture series the philosophy of his design sensibilities and how he applies it to his career practice.

Time Springs Forward

Time has taken a leap forward (by one hour to be exact), so we suggest you do the same working for your goals too. Hopefully, you’ve adjusted accordingly to it, especially if you’re a new international student. It’s a trip, really, having the sunset at 8pm. Enjoy Daylight Savings while it’s here!

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