Female Leaders in Art & Design: Elizabeth Shypertt

While most industries tend to be male-dominated, there are those that are filled with women. Does this mean the work environment becomes a lot easier?

Curator, juror, board of directors of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, and School of Jewelry & Metal Arts Advisory Board Member Elizabeth Shypertt makes her observation on how different work environments may be for women.

“I have a business background, and there were huge differences being a woman, and huge problems being a woman. In the art [jewelry] field not so much. One of the reasons I think is because (in art jewelry) that we are a huge majority of women.”’

Her experience may be starkly different from others who are in male-dominated fields in that there’s a lot less struggle for women in the jewelry-making industry. This, however, does not necessarily mean it entails less work.

“If it’s your passion, you have to follow it.” A simple advice, but one that rings and holds true no matter what vocation or advocacy you may have.

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