Academy Weekly - Leaping Into Spring

Academy Weekly: Leaping Into Spring

It was a lean week for the blog on the second week of the month, and they’re just a sign of more good things to come—especially once the Spring semester opens.

Y2K_Featured Photo

Visual Design in the New Millennium: A Look Back Into the Y2K Era

Take a trip down memory lane with these iconic Y2K visual design trends! See how they serve as foundations for designs today.

Dolby Theatre for Oscars 2020

The Best in Entertainment Arts: What It Takes to Score an Oscars Nomination

When you watch this year's Oscars, keep the following information on the nomination process in mind. Especially if you dream of taking home the golden statue for yourself one day.

Academy Weekly

Academy Weekly: On An Inspirational High with School Directors, Awards Season, and Art & Design Developments

Winter Intercession is just about to wind down, but we here at the Academy of Art University blog are just warming up. We hit the ground running as the new year opened, and we aim to continue to do…

Design in Design out - Featured photo

Design Industry Trends: What to Keep and What to Delete in the New Year

Design industry trends change from year to year. Find out which design trends to get rid of and which ones to keep in the coming year.

Entertainment Arts - Red Carpet

Entertainment Arts Awards Season: Why the Red Carpet is Golden

The awards season for entertainment arts is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking both for fans and industry insiders. From the Academy Awards to the Grammys, these award shows offer a wide…

ASUS ProArt Series Demo

Academy Instructor Brings Star Wars Characters to Life in ASUS ProArt Demo

Anyone working in visual development can tell you how integral the equipment you use are to your final product. In this video, it’s not just anyone telling you that, but School of Visual Development…

inktober 2019

Call for Submissions: Academy of Art Does INKTOBER

Hey, all you creative, talented members of our fun art school community! It's October--you know what that means!

The Addams Family 2019

Alumni Behind the Scenes: The Addams Family 2019

Our favorite Halloweeny family is back, and with them come some of our very own animation school graduates. Congratulations, and as always, we’re very proud of you!

Jewel Changi

Seven Wonders of the Interior Landscape Design World

Interior landscape design offers a chance to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Learn more about notable interior plantscaping projects.