Academy Weekly

Academy Weekly: On An Inspirational High with School Directors, Awards Season, and Art & Design Developments

Winter Intercession is just about to wind down, but we here at the Academy of Art University blog are just warming up. We hit the ground running as the new year opened, and we aim to continue to do so all throughout, so hang in there tight.

Academy of Art University’s credibility as a premier art institution is only as good as the people teaching the students and helping them shape their future. Last week, we re-introduced two of the department directors responsible for steering their students to greatness.

Whether or not this is your first time meeting them, you’ll certainly be inspired by these videos on School of Game Development’s David Goodwine and School of Illustration’s Chuck Pyle.

Everything Art & Design

Meanwhile, on the entertainment arts front, red carpet season is officially on! What’s the big fuss anyway, you ask? Here we give you an overview why peer recognition is important in the development of the industry.

Speaking of development, we also took a look at how the industries of game, animation, and new media progressed throughout the years. And then we delved in trends, particularly in the realm of the general design industry, and picked out which ones we’re likely to keep versus delete.

Up This Week

We’ve got a huge congratulatory post for our alums with contributing work to Academy Award-nominated films, more art & design trends and development, an invitation to an upcoming online open house event, and an Art U contest that can win you some cool athletics swag!

Oh yes, you can feel things picking up speed now. Not to rain on your winter intercession parade, but you know break’s about to end, and you know it. So enjoy the rest of it while you still can! We’ll be here to keep you company.

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