glass half full

Academy Weekly: 2020 Glass Half Full, Half Empty

Just like that, we wrap up June, which officially marks the end of the first half of 2020. We’ve got another half to go.

It’s been another exciting month in this year that’s got all of us tumbling and reeling with what seems to be a continuous flurry of blow after blow. But we’re still standing! Pats on the back all around, you guys!

Now that summer semester is well underway, and fall semester has officially been announced exclusively for online, we’ve got to keep our focus, glue those eyes to the prize. Because for everything that’s going on around the world, school is definitely not canceled here at Academy of Art University.

And so are our weekly updates here on the blog! Here are some of the goodies we came out with last week, in case you missed it.

Updates Last Week

7 Famous Landscape Architects in History – Those gorgeous gardens did not just grow and bloom on their own. If you’re interested in making a career out of your green thumb hobby, get to know some of these personalities who might prove to be your inspiration.

Screenwriters on Film – Screenwriters pen all your favorite stories on the silver screen. But who’s going to write about them? Well, nobody else is going to do it for them, so they’ll have to do it themselves. And so they did. Here are eight films that put the spotlight on screenwriters for a change.

Depictions of Pandemic in Art – As we said, the year is halfway through, but also, we’re only halfway through. It’s completely understandable to feel overwhelmed by everything that just keeps on happening—like there’s no reprieve and any sense of normalcy is so far gone. But, fact of the matter is that this isn’t the first time humanity’s going through something like this. Just take a look at these artwork that depict various instances in human history surviving to tell their sordid tales of disease, illness, and death.

Creative Mind Bonus Episode with Anthon Jones – In this episode, Anthony Jones dishes out the real talk on Concept Art.

Up This Week

We’ve got articles on webcomics, as well as tips for both international and online students, particularly on navigating college admissions in today’s less than ideal circumstances.

But before all of that, we still have a couple of days in the Pride Month, so we will be making the most out of it. Coming up are two op-ed pieces on Pride: one that pays tribute to the trans woman Marsha P. Johnson, and another from none other than Academy of Art’s own LGBTQ+ student club, Outloud!  We’ll keep bringing the good stuff, so just sit tight and watch this space for more.

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