Today at Apple Fashion Styling Photo Lab

RSVP: Fashion Styling Photo Lab at the Union Square Apple Store

Event:  Today at Apple: Fashion Styling Photo Lab
Venue: Apple Store, 2nd Floor, Union Square, San Francisco
Schedule: April 4, 2019, Thursday, 6:00PM-7:30PM
Admission: FREE

Join the Fashion Styling students, alumni, and faculty from Academy of Art’s School of Fashion as they delve into the creative process of developing a fashion image.

It’s a lot of hard work, as you can imagine, so consider yourself lucky to be guided by industry experts. Associate Director of the School of Fashion and Fashion Director of 180 Magazine Flore Morton will be moderating the lecture.


Joining the panel and sharing their experiences crafting fashion concepts, styling development, creating a creative team, until the very day of the shoot itself, are Krystyn Nakamura, Robert Bala, and Nakia Pleasant.

Nakamura is a BFA Fashion Styling graduate, and is currently a freelance fashion stylist. Meanwhile, Bala is an agent representing artists for Look Artists agency. Pleasant is an Academy of Art student currently affiliated with Charlotte Ruse as sample coordinator. 

Public Styling

More than the lecture, the event will also have a live styling/photography session for guests in attendance. A rack of clothing will be provided by the Academy, which the participants can then use to style their own editorial looks.

The panelists will be sharing nifty tips and tricks on how to pose models and get good lighting, so they can capture the most ideal look using the iPhone and iPad devices to be provided by Apple Store.

Make your presence count and learn something new about fashion styling. Sign up for Today at Apple’s Photo Lab: Fashion Editorials session to save a spot!

Image courtesy of Krystyn Nakamura