RSVP: Fortnite Challenge Livestream

Even if you weren’t a gamer, you’d know of the gaming phenomenon, Fortnite. Jam-packed with challenges, rewards and new themes every season, Fortnite is truly a multiplayer battle royale game built to reflect the message of survival of the fittest.

Tomorrow, March 2nd at 2PM PST, you’ll see our very own team, ART U Esports, battle it out live on the field via Twitch. Tune into the First Intramural Tournament of the Spring 2019 semester, The Fortnite Challenge! Watch your fellow gamers tackle challenges and scavenge for valuable items while fighting up to 100 players on the island battle arena.

If Fortnite is not your favorite game of all time, ART U Esports regularly streams different types of game competitions including Nintendo Switch, Overwatch 3×3 and League of Legends Intramural Tournaments.

Follow their Twitch account, ARTUESports, to catch the latest gaming livestreams! You can also check out their Twitter account to see what they’re up to day-to-day. Game on!