Academy Weekly: Taking the February Wins, Taking Off for March

Last week was another busy one at Academy of Art University, with quite a few invitation sent out for campus activities, recognition of some members of our community (and beyond), and big winners that bring much pride to our art school.

Let’s dive right in to our weekly roundup, shall we?

Big Wins

The 2019 Academy Awards did yield some big wins for the Academy, thanks to our hardworking and talented alumni. Our hearty congratulations go out not only to the winners, but also to the nominees!


We kicked off last week with a reminder on the deadline for application for those interested in becoming Resident Assistants. We also sent out invites for a veteran’s fine art exhibit, the upcoming Open Studio event in the city, and the Fortnite Challenge streamed last weekend.

Good to Know

To close off Black History Month, we highlighted some of the more prominent African-American Artists in the Bay Area who have contributed to the growth and development of the local arts culture. As with every closing, there is another beginning, and for the month of March, it’s time to shift the celebration towards International Women’s History Month.

What better way to open the month than with an introduction to Marvel’s latest hero—heroine, rather—Captain Marvel.

As for the regular school stuff, we also dished out on some helpful tips from alumni for those taking up or planning on taking up communications.

Up This Week

You can bet it’s another big week for March, as we focus the course spotlight on VR. This discussion will then be continued with a highlight on an alumni who created and grew his brand in animation using this technology, among others.

We’re also revisiting a lecture series for the School of Architecture, which will undoubtedly be a huge inspiration for those looking into sustainable design.

As for upcoming events, you can look forward to more information on this year’s Rookies Awards, and the College Connection happening in LA.