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Careers in Entertainment Arts: Understanding the Role of the Producer

You might have seen “producer” listed in movie credits, but do you know what producers actually do?

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Transcending Boundaries in Entertainment Arts: Oscars Criteria for Best International Feature Film

What does it take for international feature films to make it to the Oscars? Find out more about the criteria these films need to meet.  

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The Art Bundle: Awards Season in Entertainment Arts

The awards season is over, but for many of you, your journey into the realm of entertainment arts may just be starting. For this pilot bundle of TAB, we give you the lowdown on some of the biggest…

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Exploring Genres in Entertainment Arts: Key Components of a Documentary Film

What makes up documentary films? Learn more about some of the key components of these films in the field of entertainment arts.  

Wrapping up the Decade: Game Development Milestones From 2015 to Today

In this final post on game development milestones, we’re discussing the most recent gaming breakthroughs between 2015 and today.

TV Script Writing, Feature Film, and More: Your Guide to Types of Screenplays

Thinking about entering a screenwriting program in college? Start by knowing your way around these most common types of screenplays.  

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A Look Into What a Screenwriting Degree Will Teach You

If you want to bring stories to life on the big screen, what you learn in a screenwriting degree program can open doors for you in the industry.

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Screenwriter Career Inspo: Top Five Picks From Netflix

As online streaming changes how people experience content, the landscape of screenwriting is shifting too. For example, many shows can now be binged in one go—altering how screenwriters plan and…

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Screenwriting Degree Inspo: Top Original Screenplays From the Last 20 Years

Creating an unforgettable screenplay takes incredible care and talent, but there are also certain things that must line up. Unique story lines, the right actors, curated scene selections, and…

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Tackling the Screenwriting Process: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Are you trying to create a screenwriting career but can’t defeat your writer’s block? No worries—even the most skilled screenwriters in the world deal with this pesky problem. The trick is to…