Creative Mind Podcast Episode 24: Taylor Norman on Picture Books Publishing

In this episode of Creative Mind, editor at Chronicle Books, Taylor Norman, shares a behind the scenes look of publishing a picture book from start to finish. “A good picture book should be able…

creative-mind-Shar Warren-hero

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 23: Shari Warren on Art Licensing

On this episode of Creative Mind, artist and art licensing expert Shari Warren walks us through the business and creative side of art licensing.

Jonathan Deiss

Creative Mind Podcast 22: Jonathan Deiss

“Education isn't just about what you're learning. It's also about learning to learn."

Academy of Art Alumni and Student Success Stories in Multimedia

Academy of Art will always be proud of our students' and graduates' achievements in their chosen fields. Here, we celebrate their milestones in their chosen multimedia career.

Creative Mind Podcast: Aaron Guadamuz

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 21: Aaron Guadamuz, the Working Contemporary Artist

On this episode of Creative Mind, Bobby Brill talks with Aaron Guadamuz – contemporary artist, musician, stop motion artist, animator, curator, and technologist if we can be so bold.

Ravi Sawhney - Creative Mind

Creative Mind Episode 20: Ravi Sawhney on Advanced Design Thinking

Ravi Sawhney is the CEO of RKS Design & Innovation. Industrial Design students at Academy of Art University had the opportunity to learn some of his professional knowledge, particularly on…

real-world partnerships

Academy of Art’s Real-World Partnerships Give Students Hands-On Experience

Take a gander below at some of the most recent industry partnerships we’ve had—and the impressive quality of student work resulting from it.

Philip Kauffold

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 19: Phillip Kauffold Gets Real with Virtual Reality

Is virtual reality worth it? Philip Kauffold shares his optimism about the technology.

Studying Abroad—Online: Tips and Resources for Online International Students

For international students, distance is no longer an obstacle when it comes to pursuing your dream creative career. 


Creative Mind Podcast Episode 18: Rez Graham Walks the Game Talk

Building out a game, the code, the language is different for each use, but as Rez Graham explains in great detail on this episode of Creative Mind, game design starts with the story.