CMP Judy Kilch

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 59: Judy Kilch – Beeswax Fine Artist

Judy Klich captures beauty in her paintings by showing details and scenery often missed by our busy lifestyles. Her work juxtaposes nature and geometry and displays the connection between the two.……


Creative Mind Podcast Episode 58: KC Knoop Soars High with Aerial Photography

Not long ago while looking for his art medium of choice, KC Knoop discovered aerial photography. It was in the sky that he was introduced to a whole new plane for art.

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Tips for International Students Taking Online Classes

Thanks to technology, you can now earn an art and design degree from anywhere in the world.

Studying Abroad—Online: Tips and Resources for Online International Students

For international students, distance is no longer an obstacle when it comes to pursuing your dream creative career. 

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Why Asynchronous Learning is Best for International Online Students

Asynchronous learning allows students to access courses the world over, giving them more control over their own academic adventure.

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The Many Facets of Art Education

Build Career Skills in Art & Design Are you constantly doodling, sketching, planning, coding, sculpting, designing?  Can your passion be quenched?  Can your desire be satisfied? Do…

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Transforming Higher Education

Meshing Practical Education & Liberal Arts Be Job-Ready on Day One Whether you are an artist, a surgeon, or even a business person, acquiring and then mastering basic skills are the first…

Richelle Cowan on Creative Mind Podcast

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 52: World Building with Richelle Cowan

Richelle is a dedicated artist based in Denver, Colorado. Having grown up a high-level reader, acute interests in science/nature, and an avid fan of books, movies, and games alike. Being a nerd…

Eight Best Online Learning Practices

Online learning has become a critical component of education. Those new to using online platforms for learning should consider these tips to make the best out of it.

CMP-Caroline Baca-Vecchio

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 48: Caroline Baca-Vecchio on Art as Continuous Learning

From Spring Show to the pages of Juxtapoz Magazine, MFA student and fine art painter Caroline Baca-Vecchio has been riding a whirlwind of success, all the while selling her house and moving her…