To network or not to network. That is the question.

Networking is not only for that time when you are searching for your next new exciting job. In fact, if you just started networking then you’re already way behind.  Networking is like opening…

We Have News Hot Off the Runway & It’s Kind of A Big Deal!

The Graduation Fashion Show is back, and for our graduates this moment is groundbreaking. So big that past graduates have even been invited to New York Fashion Week.

Malin Falch - School of Illustration

CONTEST: Create Your Department Mascot as a Cartoon and Win!

No offense to Artie, he’s great and all. But would you maybe like to take a whack at creating your department’s own mascot?

GR-Kelly Chena-Moti Transit App4

Holy Crop! These Graphic Design Student Works are Awesome!

Yep, it's gonna take more than just owning a graphics editor software to be called a graphic designer.

dorm living

Living in the Residence Halls – Pros & Cons

There’s no better way to experience college life than by immersing yourself in it.

Want to Transfer? Don’t Lose Credits – An Admissions Rep Can Help

As an ever-evolving human being you have the right to change your mind. For one reason or another, you found yourself at a school that isn’t meeting your expectations. Maybe you went there for…

Through the Lens: Slices of Life Captured

Our School of Photography students make it look so much fun, but they're not playing around with their work. Ever gone around San Francisco to see a bunch of people making weird poses and serious…

Information Tours! What are they?

Want to be an art and design student? Book an information tour to learn more about Academy of Art University’s classes, student life, and what we have on campus! How do you find out if Academy of…

Academy of Art University admissions event

Discover the Right Major For You – With the Help of Our Admissions Reps

Ever wish you could play video games, draw, or create things for a living? Newsflash: You CAN! Our admissions reps can help.

MBB PacWest Champions (photo by Trenton Hernandez)

ART U Varsity Sports Update: Men’s Basketball Team is PacWest Champion!

Congratulations to Academy of Art University's Men's Basketball team for winning its first ever PacWest Championship!