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The Show Must Go On: Academy of Art’s Spring Show 2020 Turns Virtual

You’re invited to Academy of Art University’s Spring Show 2020, the art and design event of the year happening exclusively online!

Beginning on May 21, the best and brightest student work in 40+ areas of art & design from Academy of Art University will be on full virtual display, demonstrating how Academy of Art University has led the way in art and design education for more than 90 years.

Simply put, our goal at Academy of Art is student success. We want you to get good jobs when you leave here. We want you to get the most out of your career, and to live a purpose-filled life of your own choosing and making.

That’s why we pack the Academy experience with so many career-building opportunities. Your first day of class is the first day of your career. These opportunities give students the skills needed to hit the ground running the moment they turn pro.

Join us at this year’s Spring Show, and experience the innovation, ingenuity, and diverse thinking that drive the creative process at Academy of Art University. 

Academy Students Ready for the Industry

The annual Spring Show event brings more than 1,000 students, industry leaders, educators, and community members together to celebrate student accomplishments and make career connections. Be ready; companies have been known to hire graduating students on the spot.

Things are noticeably going to be a lot different than the previous iterations of Spring Show, but we’re adaptive and we’re ready. So don’t worry, it will still be happening. The Spring Show must—and will—go on!

Industry Day, a keystone segment of the Spring Show where industry representatives take a look at the students’ portfolio, will also be reformatted to fit within the show’s new online setting. Students will therefore still be able to meet and connect with their respective industries, and even get the opportunity to nab internships or even employment!

In turn, we hope that this will also serve as inspiration to the rest of our student body who still have some more ways to go before making it to the Spring Show, as well as others who may not be a part of our art school community but are looking for encouragement in pushing for their creative dreams.

So watch this space; we will definitely have more details coming for you on the 2020 Spring Show online.

Academy of Art University is offering various art and design programs online, perfect for today’s needs and convenient for those who would like to pursue their education remotely. Contact our admissions representatives to request information. Apply now if you’re ready to join our art school community.

Hero artwork by Ramindra Nutnitis