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Back to School Fall Series: Keep the Ball Rolling With These Academic Resources

Be sure to take advantage of these vital academic resources at Academy of Art University.

Time flies when you’re busy! It seems like the first day of class was just yesterday — and now school is well underway. 

Juggling all of your class projects and homework assignments is no easy feat, but don’t forget that you’re not alone! If you need help managing your coursework, the Academy provides many academic resources to support you.

Feel free to use this list of resources for reference:

Academy Resource Center (ARC)

If you have any urgent school-related questions, always check if the Academy Resource Center has you covered. As the central hub for academic resources, the ARC offers the following services:

Academic Coaching

Where: 79 New Montgomery, Room 375
Call: 415.618.3879
Email: Anne Steckler at
Schedule an Academic Coaching appointment

Maybe you don’t know how to approach your classwork or instructors. Maybe you’re struggling to manage your time and balance your school and work life. Or maybe your grades are dropping, and you aren’t sure what you should tackle first.

If that’s the case, then Academic Coaching is your answer! Academic Coaching can also help you find appropriate labs or workshops and get referrals to other resources.

Online Support

Email: Online Academic Support (OAS) Department at

As suggested by their names, the Online Academic Support (OAS) Department and the Online Language Support (OLS) Department are here to support online students.

While you can email the OAS Department using the contact info above, you can also visit the Online Support page for more information. To reach the OLS Department, visit the English for Art Purposes (EAP) Department page instead for instructions on how to proceed. 

English for Art Purposes (EAP) Department

Where: 79 New Montgomery, Room 344
Call: 415.618.3903
Email: EAP Department at

The English for Art Purposes (EAP) Department offers guidance to students whose primary language isn’t English. It provides not only EAP language classes and in-class support, but also EAP labs, tutoring, and more.

Language Support Lab

Schedule a Language Support Lab appointment (on-site students)

Sign up for a Language Support Lab with tutors who specialize in specific departments, such as Animation or Motion Pictures! Students of all backgrounds at both the undergraduate and graduate level are welcome.

During your appointment, you’ll receive individual assistance with written and spoken components of your coursework. More than that, you can also ask for help with your resume, internship applications, and preparation for interviews.

Writing Lab and Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Schedule a Writing Lab appointment (on-site students)
Schedule an Online Writing Lab appointment (online students)

During your Writing Lab appointment, you’ll find one-on-one help with all stages of the writing process — from brainstorming to the final draft. If grammar is your archenemy, you’ll find that tutors have you covered on that front too.

Speaking Lab

Schedule a Speaking Lab: Presentation Practice appointment (on-site students)
Schedule a Speaking Lab: Pronunciation Practice appointment (on-site students)
Schedule an Online Speaking Lab (OSL) appointment (online students)

Whether you’re an on-site or online student, if you’re nervous about public speaking, our Speaking Lab services might be perfect for you! Tutors can help you improve your conversational skills, rehearse your presentations, and practice speaking up during class discussions.

Accessibility Resources

Where: 79 New Montgomery, Room 356
Call: 415.618.3775
Email: Accessibility Resources Department at

For students with disabilities, or students who require accommodations, our Accessibility Resources Department will make sure that you have access to everything you need to succeed in school. 

To learn more information, including how to register with the Accessibility Resources Department, visit our Accessibility Resources page!

Veterans Resource Center (VRC)

Where: 79 New Montgomery
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM

The Academy is proud to present our Veterans Resource Center, a community space for veteran students. If you need help with benefits, healthcare, and more, the VRC can connect you to resources both within and outside of the university. 

Swing by our Military Students page for an overview of veteran-specific academic resources offered at the Academy!

Industry and Career Development Resources

Email: Career Development Department at
Email: Industry on Campus Department at

Though we’re still in the early stages of Fall Semester, you might already be hunting for internships and jobs. If so, your first destination should be our online job board! Applying can be a stressful process, however — which is why you should reach out to our Career Development Department for assistance with your internship- or job-related materials.

Meanwhile, you might be considering working while school is in session. Apply to the Academy’s Federal Work-Study Program to be considered for part-time positions on or off campus.

Lastly, the Academy regularly invites guests and recruiters from major brands and companies to events and portfolio reviews. If you’ve got questions or suggestions, we’re all ears at the Industry on Campus Department.

Of course, you might have more specific questions that we haven’t answered in this blog post. Request more information from us! 

On the other hand, if you like what you see, why wait to apply? Get started on your application today.