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Academy Weekly: Decoding the Landscape, Online Learning Tips, Study Abroad Online

Don’t forget to RSVP for our FREE Workshop offering this week, courtesy of the School of Landscape Architecture, Decoding the Landscape. Also take a quick visit below at the other treats we delivered last week.

This year’s summer is definitely different from all the other ones we’ve had in the past. But this shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the sun (safely, we couldn’t stress hard enough) and the outdoors.

Campus and Contests

To help achieve this safe distance, Academy of Art University’s Campus Life is calling on all students to create their own social distancing PSA poster. Cool Amazon gift card prizes await, so don’t miss the deadline on July 24th.

Meanwhile, the Creative Mind Podcast shares an Urban Knights Radio episode, featuring our very own illustrators. Join them as they take us inside the wonderful world of children’s books.

New Normal Learning

We’ve all adjusted to online learning by this time, pretty much. Still, there’s plenty of room for improvements. Check to see if you’re doing any of these common mistakes, and know how to avoid them.

Studying abroad to earn an international degree is a dream for many. And with American higher education being among the best in the world, it’s no surprise that many seek out educational opportunities in the country. And although traveling may not be ideal today, you can still pursue that dream by earning your international degree online.

Upcoming This Week

Don’t forget! The School of Landscape Architecture, through director Jeff McLane, is holding a FREE workshop o nline on Decoding the Landscape. Check it out if you’re interested in learning more about the industry, or if you’re simply curious about the topic.

Academy of Art University is open for the fall semester. Request information from our admissions representatives for more details on our online education program. You can also apply now to get started on your journey with us.

Hero image courtesy of Nahal Sohbati, MFA Landscape Architecture