Academy Weekly: Looking Forward but Staying Put

Spring break came early, but needless to say it’s not like any other we’ve ever had, for sure. We strongly recommend you to stay indoors, but don’t worry, we’ll do our best to keep bringing the fun online.

It’s an extraordinary time that requires extraordinary measures throughout the world. Don’t be complacent, but also don’t panic. One of the silver linings (and we do honestly believe there are plenty to be had in this otherwise scary pandemic) is that technology is here to keep you busy and productive despite certain limitations in the use of public space.

For our part, we promised that we will keep you posted, and that’s exactly what we’ll do. And so, as promised, here’s a wrap-up of what went on in the blog last week. If you missed out on any of them, now would be a good time to catch up.

Making the Best of What We Have

It’s International Women’s Month, so what better time to honor some of the award-winning women in the history of music composition than now?

On the other hand, San Francisco’s just announced city-wide restrictions beginning midnight tonight until the next three weeks, so it’s not really the best time to be going to game conventions. But it’s still something to look forward to once this thing blows over.

So while you’re at home, why don’t you pull up a chair, or find a cozy spot, and soak in all the beautiful illustrations in these highly inspiring graphic novels?

And speaking of things to look forward to, we’ve got some new details on the upcoming California by Design episode featuring the School of Industrial Design.

Up This Week

We’re just getting started. This week, you can look forward to some useful tips and tricks for being productive at home, especially if you’re keen on working on some personal projects. We’re also premiering the very first full Women’s Day Video series feature this week, a new Creative Mind podcast episode, and a cool course spotlight on art direction. Just to name a few.

Keep those spirits high, but make sure to stay inside! We’ll do our best to keep you as entertained as possible while all this is going down. Stay safe, everyone!

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