Academy of Art Spring Show 2019

Academy Weekly: Marching to the (Graduation) Beat of the Drum

The school year is just about ready to close, but it ain’t over till it’s over. As you can see below, there’s still a few more things going on before we wrap it up for summer. You know the drill; get caught up with all the blog updates from the past week.


  • Spring Show – The annual graduation showcase of Academy seniors opened to a high note last Thursday, May 16th. That same weekend, Saturday, May 18th, the show welcomed future students to join in the open house tour.
  • Online Open House – Too busy or too far to attend an actual college connection or open house event? We’ve got you covered with the Online Open House event. RSVP now for the June 1st schedule.

All Things Cool in School

Up This Week

It’s graduation time, and that’s the most important thing going down in Academy of Art this week! Whether you’re an incoming freshman or incoming senior in the next semester, keep in mind that this is your ultimate goal. So drop by and be inspired by them who have survived to tell the tale.

Other things to look forward to include a rundown of student competitions you should be joining (and why you should), more inspirational success stories from alumni living their dream careers working in blockbuster movies, and important course spotlights.

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