Art School Pride: Academy of Art Alumni Contribute to Golden Globe Winner and Nominees *UPDATE*

Can you guess which film our alumni worked on won the Golden Globe Award? We are very proud of them for contributing to the winning film and three nominated films!

Happy 2020! We’re ringing in the new year with amazing news that our alumni contributed in Golden Globe winning film, Missing Link! Additionally, our alumni also worked on these Golden Globe nominated films: The Lion King, Frozen 2, and Toy Story 4. Congratulations to all of them!

All about Golden Globe

Before we congratulate our alumni who’ve worked on these incredible films, let’s go through a quick rundown of what exactly are the Golden Globe Awards. Established in 1943 by a nonprofit film group, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the award honors outstanding achievements in the film industry. The Golden Globe Awards highlighted countless acting talents and exceptional films over the years. Because of this, the award is one of the most important honors in motion pictures. 

Alumni Achievement Highlight

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we’d like to bring a round of applause to all the alumni’s work in these three films! Their work and passion for the arts continue to inspire us in raising the next generation of artists and designers. So, we can’t wait to watch the ceremony this weekend!


  • Cynthia Chen, MFA, Motion Picture and Television – Editing (2017) – Colorist
  • Alex Widener (2013) – Pipeline Developer
  • Tyler Fermelis, BFA, Computer Arts, 3D Modeling (2006) – RP Character Modeler
  • Guillermo Martinez, BFA 2D Character Animation (2010) – Story Artist


Frozen 2

  • Louaye Moulayess, BFA, 3D Character Animation (2009) – Animator
  • Eric Bouffard, MFA, Visual Effects (2004) – Matte Painte Supervisor
  • Youngjae Choi, MFA, Computer Animation (2002) – Animator
  • Tony Alexander, BFA, 3D Character Animation (2000) – Lighting Artist
  • Leif Jeffers, BFA, Computer Animation (2005) – Animator

The Lion King

  • Victor Wagner, BFA, Animation & Visual Effects/ MFA, Animation & Visual Effects (2007 & 2009) – Technical Director/Key FX Artist

Toy Story 4

  • Josh Cooley – Director
  • Rosana Sullivan – Story Artist
  • Erik Smitt – Layout Artist
  • Terry Song – Animator
  • Guilherme Jacinto, BFA, Animation & Visual Effects (2007) – Animator
  • Jenna Calvao, BFA, Animation & Visual Effect (2010) – Project Coordinator
  • Tom Zach, BFA, Character Animation (2005) – Animator
  • Stephen Wong, BFA, Illustration/Animation (2005) – Animator
  • Erinn Kathryn Burke, MFA, Multimedia Communications (2013) – Production Office Manager
  • Jae Hyung Kim, MFA, Animation (2006) – Animator
  • Raphael Suter, BFA, Fine Arts and Animation (2005) – Animator
  • Laura Meyer, BFA, Graphic Design – Graphic Artist
  • Brett Schulz, Animation – Animator
  • Adam Rodriguez, 3D Character Animation (2011) – Animator
  • Tomoyuki (Tomo) Harashima, MFA, Character Animation (2006) – Animator
  • Joshua Dai, Animation (2010) – Animator
  • Nicole Ridgwell, BFA, Animation (2015) – Animator
  • Axel Geddes – Film Editor
  • Cameron Miyasaki, MFA, Animation (2001) – Animator
  • Jamie Datz, BFA, Film and Television Production (2001) – Assistant Editor
  • Andrea Goh – Layout Artist

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